Our Philosophy as an Intellectual Property and Business Law Firm

We firmly believe that outstanding advocacy can be achieved without compromising ethical values. We also believe that the litigation process can be managed effectively when a team approach is used. With these principles in mind, COMPUTERLAW GROUP LLP follows these practices in managing cases:


Agreed Goals

We start with a set of agreed goals for what can and should be achieved in the prosecution or defense of a particular matter.

Key Facts

We develop the key facts, by interview and investigation, during the early stages of a case, so that an appropriate strategy can be deployed from the commencement of the matter to its conclusion.

Key Themes

We identify the important themes that will make a difference in trials, motions, arbitrations, mediation, and settlement negotiations.

Key Events

We prepare our clients for key events such as depositions, mediations, settlement negotiations, arbitrations, and trial.

Use of Technology

We keep electronic notes and establish electronic databases for key events, key documents, and key witnesses so that focus is maintained and duplication is avoided.



We pay attention to client goals and the most effective and efficient ways to achieve them throughout each stage of the proceedings.


We update our clients on an ongoing basis about the progress in their matters, and we use the most modern communication techniques available.

Teamwork and Communication

We emphasize teamwork and communication, both with our clients and within our firm.

Zealous and Ethical Advocacy

We provide zealous advocacy throughout the representation, but always within the ethical boundaries of existing and newly developing law.