Thank you for all your hard work and guiding us through the process. Couldn’t be happier with how things went. I know it was a lot in a short amount of time, but I’m really happy with everything. Feel free to tack on your favorite 6-pack of beer onto our next statement and please pass on my thanks and gratitude to everyone at the firm for the help.
— Ben Schaechter CEO, Go Poll Go, Inc.

Your efforts on our behalf helped us end our complex litigation years earlier and with a very positive outcome.
— Gary Aden Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Nanotechnology, Inc

I have known Jack Russo for over 20 years and have used the firm as ATP’s intellectual property protection, licensing and litigation firm for at least that long; they have provided ATP with exceptional services for all of ATP’s patent, copyright, trademark and other intellectual property needs.
— Caroline Daniels, Founder, ATP, Inc.

When computer software is the key issue in a case, you want attorneys that understand the technology to represent your company. The firm’s domain knowledge and technical expertise are exemplary.
— Danny Tran and Layne Hoo, Co-Founders, Variphy, Inc.

Jack Russo and the entire team at The Computer Law Group deliver on their promises, execute on time with results, and all while exceeding expectations in customer care! I would highly recommend The Computer Law Group!
— Joe Cucchiara, BundleSelect

Computer Law Group headed by Jack Russo was our legal counsel. Jack is a great resource to have, very knowledgeable with a vast experience in the Tech Industry and the Startup World. Moreover, Jack Russo is a wonderful person to work with.
— Rafael Cortina

Experience and exceptional service characterize this small but truly exceptional firm.
— Adrian Kaehler

I have had the privilege of working with and for Computerlaw for a number of years and I have the highest regard for their deep knowledge, experience and professionalism. They take a sensible approach to difficult complex problems to deliver value to a long list of clients. When it comes to IP litigation, and a wide range of high-stakes business litigation, they are easily among the very best firms.
— Jonathan Van Ee, Attorney

Jack is an amazing attorney. His ability to cut through the clutter and laser into the most pivotal aspects makes him a good lawyer and great thinker. I don’t know if he has had any engineering training, but like an engineer he modularizes his thinking and digs only into murky “modules”. I cannot say enough good things about his work.
— Yon Chung

You know you have a good attorney when your opponent does everything they can to try to (unsuccessfully) prevent Jack Russo from being your attorney. This is what recently happened in litigation. Jack Russo and his team have been my attorneys both for my former company and personally for fifteen years, through multiple state and federal court trials, arbitrations, and negotiations, and are the best there are in Silicon Valley, and beyond.
— Dr. Jonathan Buckheit

Thanks to you and Chris for all your efforts in getting this matter resolved. On behalf of Montage Capital, I want to express my sincere appreciation for all of your valuable guidance and help….very difficult situation with irrational parties and counsel on the other side.
— Mike Rose, Managing Director Montage Capital

Jack, I want to let you know you did an amazing job today with Judge. Your arguments were game-changers. In-fact, your arguments today forced them to withdraw their cross-complaint and I believe you have a real shot and getting the Judge to split the cost of the matter...I also thought you got victory on venue and discovery. Well done.
— Jim Petersen, Petersen-Dean Solar, inc

It has been wonderful to have your outstanding support to get us to where we are today, also your expertise to help us to put this event together plus all the excellent advice you have been providing to us. Thank you very much!
— Stanley Li CEO, Netswitch Technology Management

Jack Russo and his team did an outstanding job, ending in a significant settlement payment to my client. I continue to be impressed with his firm’s knowledge of the law, litigation skills, and dedication. Jack has a well-deserved reputation as a top notch intellectual property litigator and he is the first attorney I think of when I need help with intellectual property matters.
— Thomas L. Bahrick, Corporate attorney

You and you team have done a brilliant job.
— Lisa Canter

Everyone involved with your firm feels deep gratitude, respect and admiration to you and to your team: capability, integrity as a person who delivered far more than what was represented to us at the start; your strategy, staging, planning and execution and above all everything you did generated respect for all of us who worked with you and your firm.
— Tony Moroyan, Chairman Viasphere, Inc.

In an increasingly ‘flat’ world, it’s critical that attorneys work efficiently. I’ve been very pleased with the firm’s efficiency and quick turnaround time on critical matters.
— Trevor Mudge, Bredt Family Professor of Engineering, Dept. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, The University of Michigan

We have relied on the firm for our complex contract negotiations over the past several years. Their ability to come up to speed quickly on complex technical matters coupled with their business knowledge has been invaluable.
— John Rochfort, President, CyberTec International, Inc.

Growing early start-up software companies is a hectic and fast-paced business. As CEO, it’s imperative that we work with the best legal firm to protect and increase the value of our greatest assets, IP and employees. The firm provides us with the deepest legal experience in the areas of trademark, IP and employment law. I rely on the firm to provide us sound legal and business advice so that we can focus on making our start-up profitable.
— John Ferraro, CEO, InMage System

“I have used many lawyers and many law firms including large, medium and small law firms, but of all of these the team has consistently provided me and my companies with the most timely, responsive and professional legal services including in complex computer software related litigation and complicated transactions.”
— Shawn McLaren, Serial Entrepreneur and Member of the Band of Angels

For the five long years of litigation against a large public company, this team professionally represented me and my private company to an exceptionally successful result including through all stages of proceedings including affirmance of the judgment by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. This was an extremely long, arduous case and I was impressed with the preparation, competency, and legal expertise exhibited by the firm. If the need arises in the future, I would not hesitate to have this team represent me again. They were simply terrific.
— James Schoenduve, Founder & CEO, Schoenduve Corporation

Chris, This is wonderful! You guys are great. Many thanks to Jack and to you for all the effort and for your brilliant strategizing that really worked quite well. I’m so pleased that I had the good fortune to work with you all.
— Adeboyejo Oni, Owen Software Development Ltd.

Your ‘team’ was great !!!
— Thanos Triant, Woodside Group