How to Protect Your Company's Intellectual Property: Make a Plan

How Can IP Protection Help Achieve Your Company Goals?


When a new client comes to our offices with a particular problem to solve — patent infringement, for example — our lawyer-client relationship often continues long after the particular dispute has been resolved. The attorneys at Computerlaw Group LLP, can provide long-term intellectual property protection advice to our clients. Of course, we provide legal representation on particular disputes over patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and other intellectual property, but we take great professional pride in advising our computer and other high-tech clients on long-term IP strategies.

We encourage our clients to look at IP planning protection as an important tool in achieving a company's core business mission. Depending on the company's particular goals, our lawyers develop a long-term intellectual property plan to protect patents and other intellectual property. We also encourage our clients to take proactive steps to protect their intellectual property.

We work to understand our clients' business models and business goals. Many of our San Francisco intellectual property protection attorneys come to the table with technical and scientific backgrounds that help them understand our clients' core missions, whether they are computer software companies, hardware companies, Internet companies, or a part of another high-tech industry.

We understand that a company's choice of business model plays a significant role in choosing an intellectual property protection strategy. For example, in the computer software industry a company will have entirely different intellectual property concerns if it is developing proprietary as opposed to open-source software.

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